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Our Services

With over 30 years experience of supplying ventilation cleaning services to major companies and organisations, our company is a leading provider of the following specialist services:

  • Kitchen Extract Ventilation Cleaning
  • Kitchen Grease Filter Steam Cleaning
  • Access Panel Supply & Installation
  • Ductwork Cleaning
  • Grille and Diffuser Cleaning
  • Air Handling Unit Cleaning
  • Provide Filters to your requirements (Panel filters, Bag filters, Grease filters etc)
  • Supply & Fit Filters
  • Induction Unit / Velovent Unit Cleaning
  • Fan Coil Unit Cleaning
  • Versatemp Unit Cleaning
  • Computer Room Void Cleaning
  • Photographic Investigation and Report
  • We can also supply Ductline Induction Unit air nozzles

Why use our services?

Ventilation systems are cleaned for the following reasons

  • To comply with Health & Safety
  • Companies concerned about staff - Health / Absenteeism / Sick Building Syndrome
  • To reduce Fire & Health Hazards
  • To maintain safe and comfortable working conditions
  • To maintain efficiency of ventilation systems
  • To satisfy insurers

It is now even more important to clean your ventilation systems, both for health, hygiene and legal purposes.

Diaday operates with expert cleaning engineers that have many years of experience in this highly specialist area of essential cleaning.

Our Ventilation cleaning service is carried out generally in accordance with the HVCA specification TR19. We also strive to achieve exceptional levels of cleanliness, without disrupting the running of your business.

On completion we provide reports, recommendations, certification and photographs as required to enable you to demonstrate to your insurers that you are taking the necessary preventative measures.

We often find that ventilation systems have insufficient access points to enable cleaning. If this is the case our highly specialist engineers are able to supply and install quick release access panels in strategic places in the ductwork systems. Access Panels should be installed at regular intervals and before and after obstacles such as Volume Control Dampers (VCD's), Turning Vanes and Fire Dampers, this gives easy access for cleaning, inspection and disinfection to be properly undertaken. The access panels and locations are tailored to your requirements.

We pride ourselves on offering a highly professional service in ensuring that your ventilation systems are thoroughly cleaned/degreased. We ensure that all of our staff are fully covered by a 5million Public Liability Insurance for added peace of mind.

Our staff also undertake general health and safety training provided by a ROSPA approved organisation.


We have also gained accreditation to SAFEcontractor. This scheme is designed to help industry improve on safety records. It demands high standards of health and safety practice for UK contractors and examines procedures and track records of organisations prior to accreditation, with ongoing annual assessments.

Contacting Diaday

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